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Cerave foaming facial cleanser review

Cerave foaming facial cleanser review

Hello, everyone! Today, we’ll be conducting a review of the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. You’ve probably seen it everywhere on the internet lately. I feel that CeraVe, in general, has become quite a hot product in the skincare world.

I’ve been using this product for about two weeks now, so I believe I can provide you with a comprehensive review of my experience. I will be completely honest and share both the aspects I like and those I don’t like about this highly popular facial cleanser.

The CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser is designed to restore your skin’s protective barrier. This face wash contains three ceramides meant to replenish the skin. Ceramides also offer significant benefits in terms of anti-aging and protecting against environmental stressors.

Cerave foaming facial cleanser review

Additionally, this product contains niacinamide and is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. It’s intended to be an excellent, gentle, and non-drying daily cleanser.

When I began using it two weeks ago, the first thing I noticed was its texture. I really love the foaming texture of this cleanser; it creates a luxurious creamy foam that feels wonderful when you’re applying it to your face. As advertised, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or stripped after use. Instead, your skin remains adequately hydrated.

I did experience a couple of breakouts when I initially started using it. I believe my skin went through a purging phase. I noticed a few bumps here and there, but given that I have acne-prone skin, this wasn’t surprising to me. Trying a new product often leads to this, so I’m not going to blame the cleanser for it just yet.

Cerave foaming facial cleanser review

Overall, I can genuinely say that this cleanser effectively repairs your skin’s protective barrier. I usually have very sensitive skin, but after using this for two weeks, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in skin sensitivity. Other products I’ve used have become less irritating, and I believe it’s because of this cleanser. While it’s been only two weeks, I’ve been using this cleanser in the morning, and I think it’s an excellent choice for a gentle morning cleanse. You could pair it with a stronger cleanser for your nighttime routine.

During these two weeks, I’ve observed that I sometimes get texture around my nose area, which doesn’t typically happen with my other Dr. Bronner’s face wash. The latter usually keeps my nose area clean, preventing clogged pores and excessive texture. However, with this cleanser, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t do as good a job at deep cleaning my nose area, leading to more texture there, which is something I’m not particularly fond of.

This product excels at removing all of your makeup. If you wear makeup, this cleanser will do the job well. You might want to consider double cleansing or doing an additional cleanse if you’ve been wearing heavy makeup, but for everyday use, it works perfectly.

That pretty much covers what I wanted to share about the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser.

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